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What is trauma and how do we show up for it?

Join Clinical Psychologist Autumn Wiley-Hill, Ph.D. for an introductory exploration of trauma and our human experience. Come and learn how to define trauma, attachment trauma and attachment injury.  Autumn will help us understand how these injuries show up and store in the body and how brilliantly we create adaptive strategies to survive. We will discuss the map to healing and integrating the fragmented results of trauma. We hope you take this opportunity to deepen your understanding of yourself and others no matter where you are on your healing journey.

Autumn Wiley-Hill, Ph.D.

Autumn received her Ph.D. in clinical psychology here in Tucson at the U of A.  She is in private practice and works with patients who want to heal and transform from attachment trauma histories.  She has training and experience with multiple psychological modalities, including experiential methods, third-wave mindfulness-based therapies, cognitive behavioral therapy, family systems therapies, and motivational interviewing. While all of these approaches inform her work, the primary lens she applies is around attachment and somatic/sensorimotor psychotherapy work. To learn more about her and her extensive training and background, please visit (website).

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