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Small business, small batch, BIG results!

Case of 12



I absolutely love the Pain Potion I got at Center 4 Self-Care! I originally bought it for my husband but then found it’s amazing for the arthritis in my knees, my sore muscles, and I’ve even used it when I’ve woken up in the night with a cramp in my shin that I couldn’t massage out. This stuff is some kind of magical combination of anti-inflammatory and soothing warmth that works better than anything else I’ve ever tried. On top of that it’s free of the bad ingredients I won’t use like parabens and sulfites and is cruelty free (did I mention it smells really good?) I recommend it to my friends without hesitation because it really works!


I’m loving the Pain Potion immensely! My clients like it better than deep blue from DoTERRA


It is fabulous! Helps with all my aches and it smells so awesome


Best pain relieving cream. It helped me through bruised ribs and a fractured vertebrae. I could not roll over in bed until I use this. 

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