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DJ Alec
Fiona Thieking

Dive into the immersive flow of dance with DJ Alec. His passion for music began in 2016 from a strong drive to heal and create unforgettable experiences. Through years of guiding dance and ceremony, he has developed a container that will surrender your soul into movement. His music style blends classical instruments with modern sound to create blissful mixes you won’t forget.

Fiona began her deep dive into healing modalities in 2016 & is traveling to you from The Outer Banks of North Carolina. She is originally from the heart of the San Juan Mountains in Colorado & is joyed to share her wisdom of wellness all over the United States. Fiona is a RYT, Reiki Master & Certified Vibrational Sound Specialist who offers cosmic sound attunements & cellular rejuvenation with Planetary Gongs & Zen Therapeutic Singing Bowls.

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