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Fiona Thieking
Shree Fulcher

Fiona began her deep dive into healing modalities in 2016 & is traveling to you from The Outer Banks of North Carolina. She is originally from the heart of the San Juan Mountains in Colorado & is joyed to share her wisdom of wellness all over the United States. Fiona is a RYT, Reiki Master & Certified Vibrational Sound Specialist who offers cosmic sound attunements & cellular rejuvenation with Planetary Gongs & Zen Therapeutic Singing Bowls.

Shree Fulcher is a Reiki Master, Intuitive Channeler, Yoga & Meditation guide, and the owner of Ascension Studio…a metaphysical shop, yoga studio, and Community Healing space on the Outer Banks of North Carolina.


Her path is that of the forever student who loves to teach! She offers guidance using a variety of gifts that have made their way to her conscious awareness over the years. Shree’s gift of channeling, during group and private offerings, is one of her passions…a gift that awakened after her Reiki Master Attunement in 2019. Since then she has attuned over 80 Reiki 1&2 practitioners and 7 Reiki Masters. She has created many unique offerings such as the Body&Soul Massage, Psychic Reiki, & her famous Human Design Activation.

During this weekend, if you are looking to dive even deeper & get a little extra TLC, there are opportunities to book one-on-one sessions with Fiona.

One-On-One Session with Fiona:

The Cellular Sound Attunement is a relaxing sound healing session that guides the body into theta & delta brain waves where deep cellular healing & homeostasis occurs. This treatment supports overall wellness through the offering of on-body Zen Theraputic Bowls & Reiki while you are wrapped in the “gong cage” — a unique experience of physical, mental & spiritual healing through vibrational sound medicine.

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