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Jen Hoeft

Jen’s passion for living an authentic life is her teaching. This journey involved 40 years of being a professional musician and 25 years of being a personal trainer/yoga instructor, blending a personal desire for wellness and a spiritual longing for wholeness, leading her to complete The Estuary’s 6-year Healing Arts Program. 


Jen’s lifelong curiosity with western astrology, the I Ching and 20 years of Kabbalah study have led her to the Human Design System. A map of one’s unique energy blueprint that combines these modalities. With one’s birth date, time and place, this system reveals where and how we are designed to meet the world, where we are most apt to being triggered or conditioned and where our natural gifts lie (often unrealized or taken for granted).


Jen became a certified Human Design Analyst and is helping people know and love themselves. She does Foundational Human Design Readings for adults, couples and teens and follows up with Integrative Therapy using your Human Design Map.

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