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Melodee Lovejoy

Melodee Lovejoy is a licensed massage therapist and intuitive healing arts practitioner with over 30 years of professional experience. She is a creative facilitator, respected educator and accomplished provider of wholistic service implementing various modalities of bodywork and movement. With a specialized and diverse skillset, she aspires to inspire the art of living well and living joy. Melodee is an ambassador for self love and self compassion. It is her joy and devotion to assist and support others on their journey of wellbeing and self care, through the ways of play and empowered self expression.

Melodee’s work focuses on personal transformation using her framework of radical self love and body positivity. She brings her value to an experiential heARTful environment by creating a safe and sacred container for unfolding and unleashing the freedom to love yourself fiercely. Her unique and engaging approach utilizing various methods promotes an enjoyable adventure for an elevated love-infused path to liberation body and soul.

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