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EveryBODY hurts… sometimes…. 🎶

Center 4 Self-Care’s Pain Potion is here to help. It’s the “kiss it, make it better” in a bottle; and we’re excited to tell you why.

It is human instinct to touch the spot that hurts. All 4 owners of Center 4 Self-Care have based our massage therapy careers on this truth. With a collective 75 years experience between us, we have held space for many people in their experience of pain; sometimes emotional, often physical. Through it all, a common thread is that everyone is seeking relief. We have partnered with a badass product formulator to custom create a powerful pain cream that is effective at treating all “boo boos”, whether it is old school pain like that nagging ever present injury from a million years ago or new school pain like a recent sprained ankle.

When you use Pain Potion, you feel better.

This is achieved by working with nature. Nature is our greatest ally in treating what ails us. Our superstar ingredients are the best and most potent to get the job done. The job being: healing, recovering, feeling less pain, having more mobility, relieving stiffness and soreness and reducing inflammation.

The bottom line is, this stuff really works.

There are a few other reasons you can feel great about using this product. All ingredients are ethically and sustainably sourced, vegan and cruelty free. Our packaging is eco-friendly. Our formula is free of parabens, sulfates, synthetic fragrances & colors, petrochemicals and gluten. Pain Potion is made in Tucson, AZ with a handful of love and a pinch a magic.

Pain Potion is a reflection of our values. Most people make purchases and choose to include things in their life based on their values. Hopefully, this falls in line with what you value and you’ll want to get some so you can feel better.

Pain Potion is here for you. Since everybody hurts… sometimes…

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