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What will I experience in my Breathwork session?

​Everyone has their own unique journey in a session. Often times people discover emotions and sensations that they’ve been hiding from themselves. You can experience heightened states of joy, gratitude and an appreciation for life that you’ve been cut off from. After a Breathwork session you may find more clarity around certain problems or barriers in life (relationships, money, family). This could lead you to discover what you want in life and be confident in the direction you need to go. 

What can I expect after this workshop?

  • Connection- with yourself and the world around you

  • Release of stress, tension, and stored trauma within the body

  • Increase in energy

  • Feelings of freedom and emotional balance

  • Clarity around your goals and ambitions

  • Increased mental acuity or intuition

  • Decreased pain or inflammation in the body

  • Confidence about who you are and your journey in life

Veronica Ke-A

How do you determine, is this someone who aligns with me; just from reading a short bio of one’s life? 


It’s always been difficult to put into words who I am, where I’ve come from. The things that have transpired in my life that led me down some of the paths I’ve been on. 


I’m a Tucson native. I grew up on the south side playing soccer on asphalt with my neighbors and sisters, all while an immense amount of trauma was occurring inside the home. I became a mother at a very young age.  With so much determination to give my 3 beautiful children everything I never had or felt~ genuine love from their parent. After a couple of gratifying careers and a traumatic divorce, my life fell apart yet again leading me to my greatest and highest calling (besides being a mother) to become a massage therapist. 


Thankful to have 12 beautiful years of building a successful practice on the north side of Tucson. Identifying through these years with the healing arts, I was aware my body had still been storing trauma. I gained an incredible amount of weight, I was tired all the time, I went through cycles of depression and questioned my self-worth. I knew intuitively that my body, mind, and spirit needed healing on a level that would require me to go all the way in. I put myself through some of the hardest work there is out there. Through that I was led to another healing arts modality and now I am also a certified Somatic Breathwork practitioner and continue to be a bodyworker (massage therapist). 


It is beautiful to be able to hold space while identifying where one can be storing trauma in their body and help them through the power of their own breath. Bringing awareness and helping to facilitate moving through stored emotions, pain, and trauma.  It’s not just a passion, it is my mission to help lead you down the road of your own self-discovery and healing. 


It is an honor to hold space and guide you. May you find the light within, it’s never really lost. Sometimes it just goes dim. When you breathe deeply, and intentionally, your light will resurface. 


Namaste , 

Veronica Ke-A LMT, SBWP 

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